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Aristotle Cloud Hosting

We're making it easier than ever before to deploy metadata systems in the cloud. Deployed on Amazon Web Services, we provide high availability, scalability and performance, all while offering options to help integrate the Aristotle Metadata Registry into your current data management workflows.


free forever

  • World-class metadata registry
  • Free updates
  • Pick your own domain
  • Host anywhere!
  • Unlimited community plugins
  • Choose your search engine
  • No included support
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$100 — $10k+
per month

  • World-class metadata registry
  • Free updates
  • Pick your own domain
  • Hosted on private Amazon AWS Cloud
  • Unlimited community & enterprise plugins
  • Integrated Amazon Elasticsearch
  • Integrated single sign on
  • Included responsive support
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Our plans cover a range of users from smaller non-profits to academic data groups all the way through to large government organisations.

World-class Metadata Registry
Regular free updates
Enterprise Membership
Integrated single sign on
Support response timeframes3 – 5 business days2 business days< 24 hours
Metadata storage5,00010,00025,00050,000100,000
Users / Teams10 / 125 / 250 / 10100 / 20500 / 50
Cost per month$500$1,000$3,000$6,500$15,000

Need storage for more metadata?

10x Contact us for information on how you can get an extra 10 times the storage to ensure your registry has room to grow to support your organisations needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely – now and for ever

The Aristotle Metadata Registry is open-source through and through. We designed Aristotle to be an open-source product, we use a open-source frameworks like Django, Bootstrap and Haystack, and the basis of our product is the open ISO/IEC 11179 metadata standard.

Aristotle-Cloud is designed as an option for organisations who are as committed to open-source as we are, but don’t have the in-house capacity to manage or deploy a solution themselves. What Aristotle-Cloud will provide is an opportunity clients to outsource management of their metadata registry to our turn-key, enterprise-grade, cloud-based server farm so they can get on with the business of data management. Users will have as much control over their registry as if they installed it themselves, without the overhead of infrastructure and software management.

We host through Amazon Web Services, so you get a choice in where your private cloud is hosted, from a variety of Amazon’s AWS server farms around the world. However, we recommend using a server farm that is geographically closest to you.
Yes, we think so! All of our cloud services are hosted on Amazon Web Services infrastructure, which already meets the requirements of a number of government cloud panels.

But to be sure we can liaise with you to check what appropriate in your jurisdiction.

Yes — as long as you have a the domain registered and are allowed to use it, we can point your registry to any domain you need. If you are looking to host on a .gov domain (or,, etc…) you’ll need to register that through your government domain provider.

For all other publicly registerable domains (.com,, etc…) we can help manage domain registration on your behalf.

Once you have a domain, we can setup DNS records to point your cloud in the right direction.

Only metadata which has been given a registration status or has been published counts against storage limits.

To ensure that teams and metadata authors are free to collaborate, draft content created by users and content that is only visible within active teams does not count against limits.

Absolutely, your Aristotle Metadata Registry can be themed to match any corporate style, and we can work with you to make sure your registry looks just that – yours!

Only active users or teams count against your limits so you can always deactivate users who no longer use the system, or archive teams to increase capacity.

If you find that your needs are growing beyond what your current plan supports we suggest upgrading to a higher plan to ensure that your registry is able to support your organisations needs.

Community plugins are the free open-source extensions managed by the Aristotle Metadata Community. These cover additional download formats, new metadata types, administration themes and assorted plug-ins.

Enterprise plugins are specialty extensions and plugins that are only provided for Enterprise users or members of the Aristotle Enterprise Community. These extensions are of an enterprise specific nature, such as support for single sign-on, user security, IP restrictions or integration with enterprise software.

We use the Amazon Relation Data Service to provide highly available and resilient database storage for all users. This allows us to provide a cost-efficient and scalable data storage to all clients.

The search engine within all Aristotle-Cloud instances is powered by Amazon Elasticsearch is the enterprise search engine provided by the Amazon Web Services. Its highly scalable and engineered for performance. As more and more metadata is stored in your registry, we configure ElasticSearch to scale up with your registry to ensure search is always quick and reliable.

Because we are open-source, we are always accepting bugs and feature requests, but we prioritise based on community interest, and time restraints. If you have programming experience, you are more than welcome to join our community and help us build a better product for everyone to use.

If you have a special requirement and aren’t in a position to develop it yourself, we take requests and complete them as time permits. But if you want to sponsor a new feature or extension our consulting page has all the details for contacting us to implement it at an accelerated pace.

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